Horizontal scrolling repeating groups broken in responsive mode

When using horizontal scrolling for a repeating group, if the element gets stretched horizontally due to using responsive layout mode, you end up with a situation where the horizontal scrollbar does not appear. This means you can’t scroll right in order to load more cells.

Preview: https://forum-testground.bubbleapps.io/version-test/index
Edit: https://bubble.io/page?name=index&id=forum-testground&tab=tabs-1
Load this on a monitor wider than 980 and you should see the groups stop loading cells after cell 7, and there’s no way to load more. If you then resize your browser window to less than 980 pixels, you should see the horizontal scrollbars appear, and you can then scroll to load more cells.

I just tried on a MacBook 13 (which i believe is more than 980 and it seems to work…).

Windows 10…nope.

I ran into that same issue when I was working too. I just made the repeating group a fixed width and was done with it.

Any news regarding this bug?
Still not working for me, this would be a really nice feature to have

@emmanuel Is this a bug?

Yeah, I’m seeing the same thing. The top two lists have many more items than that in them, but even though the scroll bar is showing, none of the other cells are showing.

when I artificially constrain the max width of the group so that the width isn’t enough for 6 cells, then the scroll bar works, and it will scroll through ALL of the list, not just the first 6 cells. You can see how the top list is going to 9/25, even though in the first picture it would only show up to cell 9/22.

For now the only solution for me was to set the repeating group to have fixed width, but this kind of breaks my design as well

It’s still not working properly. Can this be updated to work in responsive mode (in windows), please?

Can there be something like way of adding columns dynamically as the screen widens in responsive mode?

(Found it) The option of adding more columns when the screen widens is hidden and appears when setting the repeating group to 1 column.