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E-Commerce Shipping Suggestions

I’m looking to implement a few features related to shipping, including address verification, order tracking, and a shipping label generator. I’ve come across SmartyStreets for address verification, and Shippo for all three features, but I’ve never worked with APIs before and not familiar with how to connect via Bubble’s API Connector. Is there an easier / more direct way to do this, or does anyone have any suggestions on how to implement this?

Hi there @ladd0393,

Have you checked out the plugin marketplace to see if there’s a Shippo plugin?

Hey! Yeah, it appears there are two options. As far as I can tell, one calculates shipping costs and the other allows for tracking shipments. So I’d still need the API Connector for address verification and a shipping label generator.

My guess was that these would be somewhat common functions for an ecom site, so I thought someone else may have already done this.