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[Early access beta] New expression composer for more intuitive logic!

Haha this was a nice summary of how scary it is to use the new composer. Just by looking at this makes me want to stay far far away!

I actually turned on the beta for the first time to try deleting the first part of a dynamic expression, found out it wasn’t possible, and turned it back off.


@grace.hong The more I’ve used this myself, I am starting to prefer the old parenthesis… Case and point:

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 10.45.42 AM

With new Expression Editor:
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 10.45.55 AM

I’ve found myself getting lost in the new expression editor – And in agreement with others that the new expression editor IS a step forward… but hoping we can have the parenthesis back.


Agree with the other voices here. @grace.hong

Parentheses “()” and brackets “[]” are the standard for grouping for a reason, they are intuitive, and visually easy for the brain to parse.

I get the reasoning behind the marks, but sometimes new isn’t better. Let’s not reinvent the wheel here.


See the other issue is there’s WAY more brackets than there are parentheses because now ‘atoms’ have brackets.

You absolutely have to swap the brackets for parentheses to highlight operation order, and then maybe you can keep tiny brackets for individual atoms. But the issue here again is like I’ve said before… the tiny brackets mean multiple things now being atoms + parentheses and on top of that they’re teeny tiny.

I can’t see anyone in the thread that would vote for brackets over parentheses for order of operations….


Agreed with parenthesis > brackets.

The biggest win we could have is having an ‘expanded’ mode for dynamic expressions. That tiny field window can be hard to work with at times.


So true, hadn’t even considered it but seems so simple…

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Yes I tried to use the new expression composer for a day recently and I couldn’t even process what was going on

Maybe the expanded view like @MattN suggested could allow for visual linebreaks in the expressions, so long expressions aren’t just a giant paragraph

I use hero icons in my buttons so my button text is [hir]whatever[/hir]

Not a huge deal, but with the “/” shortcut, I can’t find a way to add icons in buttons, or text. trying to close the shortcode for the icon just pops up the dynamic values dropdown.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 6.47.36 PM

@agiledood… Adam’s got your back.



  • Parentheses for operation order
  • Tiny brackets for atoms
  • Expandable edit area
  • Lines appearing only on hover

this is the right answer @felipe.haidar


This is the way.


How do we use the new expression composer to be able to calculate a denominator?

I want 7/(7-1) = 7/6 and not (7/7)-1=0

I don’t think this was even possible under the old composer but why not just use 7/6? If this is just an example and you want to use dynamic data, you do

7/(Dynamic data - 1). You can’t do the opposite direction, so 7/(-1 + Dynamic data) doesn’t work. Dynamic data must come first :slight_smile:

well, even if we assume that this “new expression composer” works well and that it does not represent any bugs, as soon as we activate it, the editor becomes super slow and makes dev almost impossible

Just turned on the new expression builder today… Clicked on the first expression and got an error that bubble couldn’t render the display…

It’s been a while now and you’d think that the new expression builder would be able to work past the first click.


Yes it’s meant to be dynamic. It’s supposed to be DynamicDataA/(7-DynamicdataB)


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