Easiest API for automated data flow

Hello! I am working on my app and up until this point I have just uploaded CSVs manually. I run a subscription business selling leads for my industry and my app has a “new leads” section and then a “categories” section where you can find the leads broken out by industry (financial, DTC, fitness, etc). The data includes; brand name, contact name, title and email. So just basic text information.

What is the easiest way to have this data stored somewhere that as I update the lists, it flows directly into Bubble? I have roughly 400 brands across ~categories and will be adding about 25 new brands per week.

I am new to bubble and APIs so something “easy” or with a lot of resources is always appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

Use any app that is convenient for you that integrates with zapier. use zapier to send the data. You can even use the zapier chrome extension where you make fields for those 4 fields and it dumps it into Bubble

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Perfect, thank you! I was able to figure it out and have all my data flowing perfectly into my app now.