Create an API for my DB - Experts only

Hi Guys
Is it possible, or anyone already did the following:
I will like to open my Bubble app to an API,
I have build a mini CRM, and now i would like to let my users an api for several reasons for example, in order to let them integrate their Facebook leads / email leads directly to their account in my app.

Or, i would like to create a zapier/Make integration to my app, and for this i will need to create an api to my DB
So my users will be able to choose from the integration my plugin and use it to send and receive data from their account.

Yes , using the backend. have done this many times.

I am using many API calls in my app but this is not what i meant.
Let’s say i would like to create a zapier/Make module that will let my users the option to send/receive data from thier accont. - this is not related to “using the backend” but to open my app to an API and build the stricture

It’s exactly that. you setup the backend as an endpoint that receives and sends data to clients. Zapier is the client.

Do you know how to set this up?
Did you created something like this before?

yes , have done this many times

Can you show me an example? also on private
I still dont think that you understand my meaning, I dont want to use an api in my app (this is something i am already doing) but i want to open my app to an API so my users will be able to send and get their data

I am not sure that this is what I meant,

Lets say i have a nimi CRM app
Each user in my bubble app can use Make/Zapier in order to send data to thier own account in my bubble

So the bubble is in the background, and the communication to my app going via Zapier (post and get).
My client will need somehow to autenticate his account so he will be able to get/recive data for this account only

If this is what you meant - please send me a private message if you offering also a developer help
THANKS :slight_smile:

Using Zapier as middleware might not be the most effective strategy, unless there are specific architectural constraints I’m not aware of. While it’s feasible, relying entirely on Zapier for “logic” might not be the best approach. As an agency experienced in this field, we’ve successfully implemented similar solutions. We offer consulting and development services at our standard hourly rate. If you’re interested, we can provide guidance and even develop a more optimal solution for you. Alternatively, feel free to ask your questions here, and we’ll provide some guidance.

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