Easiest way to show live data in an input or text field

This is probably a basic question, but I have an API call that runs via workflow which connects to an external system to pull data on a internet router, like status if it’s online/offline and so on. The API returns values with some as text, number etc and does so when I press a button.

If I have input fields on the page that are meant to only display the results (not ever be editable), or even just a text field, is it possible to have them show the results of this API call when I press the button, or do I need to create fields for them and have it save the results to the field, and then the input shows the value of that field?

If I have step 1 be to run the API call and step 2 to be “display an alert” I’m able to have the alert show “Result of step 1”, but I wasn’t sure if there’s any way to instead have step 2 just update an input field on the page to display the “result of step 1” or if I need to make step 2 be “make changes to a thing” and select the current page, and have it save the results of the API call to actual data values, and then have the input fiends on the page set their initial value to those fields. The later does work but just wanted to check if that was the proper way. Thanks!

Why not change your API call for a Data call one and get data from it directly in your field instead of using an API workflow?

In API workflow, you will need to put data somwhere (thing or state)

Thanks that makes sense, I will look into that. I’m new to API’s so had our developer create the API links so I was just messing around with it myself. They had it set up initially just with workflow with the test API call having an action type, but I see if I do it with data as the type I can do what you suggest which is probably much better then. Thanks!

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