Right way to trigger API and display results


I’m building a financial calculator and I’m using an API to send the input values from a user (the webpage is public with no user-access limitations) to the API via GET (receive data from API as expected - no issues here) and then printing the values to a chart on a dashboard.

My preferred work flow would be: user enters input values → clicks show results button → backend API call to fetch results → update charts on dashboard, while ensuring each user only see results for their input.

I’ve tried 2 ways of doing this,

  1. Assigning the API data source to a group with the parameters set to the user input values. This triggers the API every time the user changes a value. I would like to limit the API calls to when the user completes changes to all parameters and then hits the “Show Results” button. But unable to trigger the workflow to update the group via the button

  2. In order to display output based on clicking the button, I created a data table and assigned the results from the GET call to the table on clicking the button. This then displays the results on the chart. The problem with this is that, when multiple users use the calculator, one users data will over-ride prior data in the table. I’m unable to resolve the data based on different users accessing the calculator at the same time

Can you help me with the right method to achieve this. Thanks in advance.