Easy Question: How do I modify the "Created By" field?

I am bulk creating database entries… I’ve figured out the key names for everything except for the “Creator” or “created by” field.

I thought it might be “creator_user”, but it isn’t working.

I’ve checked the documentation so many times, but to no avail.

So I realized I could just fetch some data to see what it was and it seems to be simply “Created By”.
Unfortunately, I am unable to edit this.
This should be stated in the documentation somewhere.
Also… there should be a more intuitive way to check the key names.

I don’t think you can change that

I’m pretty sure the three default data fields

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 1.54.55 AM

Are not able to be modified…not 100% on this.

But what do you need to change the “created by” field for?

The user is importing a whole bunch of text and I have some javascript that parses it and then bulk creates between 1-600 prices. based off the text that was imported. I just want to be able to refer to which user imported the data, but it’s defaulting to some user’s unique id that is not in the database, so none of my repeating groups can say “created by = current user”.

I can create a custom field to hold that, but then I need to add it to all of my manual inputs as well, and then change all of my other fields to using this new field instead of “created by”. I don’t know how negatively this will affect app speed.

You are probably testing in development mode and using the preview button to see the page and testing functionality…in that case you are probably not logged into the app as a user currently in the database and so that unique id you see is you the current user, who is not signed up or logged in.

Bubble uses cookies and will treat a visitor as a current user even if they are not signed up to your app.

Try creating a user, by signing up for your app. Then when testing make sure you are logged in and see if it works properly.

Oh, that’s a good point! I never thought of that.
Unfortunately I am choosing to “Run as” for a user. Unless that is not the same thing as being truly logged in?

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