Modifying a Built-in Field

Problem in one sentence: I cannot edit the “Creator” field for items in my Questions database.

So basically my Bubble app is an anonymous discussion platform where people can express themselves without worrying about their identity being revealed. The initial idea was to not require users to sign up/login which meant that whenever somebody posted a question, the Creator field was blank. As the traffic started growing I got requests for notifications and the ability to edit your posts both of which required login/sign up. Now I also want to give my logged in users to disassociate from a post. So the workflow is: When Disconnect is clicked > Modify a thing > Current Cell’s Question > Creator = “”. For some reason you cannot modify a built-in field since it does not show as an option. Is that correct or am I missing something?

You cant modify created by or creation date. You could add your own field of type user and display data based on that. Or you could add post (type) linked with a user via list of posts (field). :shushing_face:

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