Easy to use radar chart plugin

Radar charts that can be used with bubble official chart elements must have label items and value data. (Image 1)
Is there a chart plugin that allows you to specify an item as a field and display its content data as a value? (Image 2)

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do, can you explain the use case in context?

Yes, I will explain in detail.
If you want to display a chart like this image on a radar chart using bubble official chart element
Currently, you have to create a database like the first image.
Is there a way to create the same radar chart from a database like the second image?

Also, if you create a database like the one in the first image, there is a problem with the label display order being shifted, so I would like someone who is familiar with this plugin to help me.


I mean, you can do field A:converted to list:plus item field B:plus item field C etc. What’s the use case? You might find that a List of Data Types is the right approach instead of multiple fields.

Thank you.

As a use case, the user assigns multiple score points to content registered by the app operator and displays them in a chart.
Score data is saved for each content, but currently it is necessary to save data for the same content for each item.

A data type called Points or Score with fields of type number for the scoe and the relevant content data type as the content might be better. Then you just Do a search for Points.

I don’t really know what ‘content’ you’re talking about so maybe if you share I can explain better.

I’m sorry that I don’t understand.

In other words, you need a database like the one in the first attached image, right?

The app operator registers several hundred pieces of art data. This is “content”.
Users then give points for five evaluation items.
The data created at this time is saved in the format shown in the second image. (Because the amount of data is only 1/5th)

However, with this plug-in’s data reference format, values can only be retrieved in the format shown in the first image. At least to me.

Is it possible to display the same chart using the data format in the second image?

I’ll try this method later