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Free plugin for Radar Chart (Radar Graph)

I made a free plugin that makes it easy to draw radar charts.

Plugin page

Demo page

・freely set the number of items and values to create a radar chart.
・draw two charts (this allows you to represent scores, average scores, etc.)


If you like it, please try to use it. Thank you.


Hi @pon.mikan10 great plugin, thank you.
It works well in a regular group, but in a repeating group it has an issue, it populates only first cell.
Also if I hover on radar, it toggles the other chart, so I made the conclusion that both charts are displaying in the same cell.
Can you please take a look at this and help me solve it? Thank you a lot.

@pon.mikan10 I think the problem is that on one page there can be displayed only one radar chart. Even if it is not a RG, but only 2 separate chart, the first one will be visible and the second not. Hope this will help on investigating the issue.