Ebay api post/get workflow

Hello, has anyone successfully made a ebay post or get request? Im able to get the access token and refresh token but when i attempt to use the token to make any other request I get the following error message… tried looking online on stackexchange and the ebay dev forum but wasnt able to find the answer. Anyone else have this issue? Also tried making the call in postman… also unsuccessful.


Try formatting the access token in URL encode and put if in the URL

tried it out. According to the Documentation, the token is supposed to be in the header not the URL.

“errors”: [
“errorId”: 1002,
“domain”: “OAuth”,
“category”: “REQUEST”,
“message”: “Missing access token”,
“longMessage”: “Access token is missing in the Authorization HTTP request header.”

is the error response given when i URL encode the token and place it in the URL as a parameter.

Get request–>


Content-Type: application/json


sorry the request URL i used was this…

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