Looking for a freelancer to connect Ebay + Etsy API's for me,

Hey guys,

I’m looking for someone to connect the Ebay + Etsy API for an app I’m building to do the following things:

  1. Sign in/Sign up via Oauth
  2. Upload an item in my bubble app which lists to Ebay and Etsy.
  3. Allow a user to see their listings and shows them on the Bubble App.

I’ve taken care of pretty much everything else, but I just need help on the api aspect. I have the keys as well, and here’s the documentation:


Please email kaito@usespred.com, would like this done asap. Please include a budget and timeline.



Hello Kaito,
I will share an estimate with you soon.
Justin C

Oh CIS is back?! (or they was just not using their CIS email)


The last time I checked it was an issue implementing Etsy API in bubble. Did anyone find a solution to the Oauth 1.0 in bubble so as to get access to user private data in Etsy?

I get their emails all the time :frowning:

Interesting! I never knew that, I wonder if it’ll work then hmmm

Yes it will, but it’s more complicated than some other API.

Can you get us a plugin for it?

Actually, too busy to create a plugin. I know there’s a plugin for oAuth1 that may help. But I’ve never tested it.

I tested the one from zeroqode and it didn’t work. Raised the issue and Levon said they encountered an issue and couldn’t get the plugin to work with Etsy

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Kaito Have you sorted this yet, I would be interested in sharing the cost with you, and maybe merging our ideas