Ecommerce Store For Products "Tiny" - New PRO template from Anocado

Hey Bubblers,

Our team is excited to unveil “Tiny”, a template that seamlessly marries the best of e-commerce functionalities with a fresh, contemporary, and minimalist aesthetic.

Tiny isn’t just another e-commerce platform. It’s where modern design ethos intersects with top-tier e-commerce functionality, ensuring each shopping experience is nothing short of exceptional.

:link: Link to the Marketplace page of the template: Ecommerce Store For Products “Tiny”
:link: Link to the Demo page of the template: Ecommerce Store For Products “Tiny”

:tada:Key Highlights:

:heavy_check_mark: Sleek Responsiveness: Engineered with the latest responsive techniques, ensuring a seamless shopping experience on every device.
:heavy_check_mark: Secure Transactions: Benefit from native Stripe integration for safe and swift checkouts.
:heavy_check_mark: Minimalistic Design: A sophisticated UX/UI design that’s not only modern but also user-centric, ensuring customers navigate with ease.
:heavy_check_mark: Versatile Login: Dual login features accommodate both shoppers and store administrators.

:iphone: For the Shopper:

:heavy_check_mark: Effortless Product search using intuitive text search.
:heavy_check_mark: Advanced sorting & filtering of the search results by price range, category, rating, and more.
:heavy_check_mark: An elegant product details page that showcases items in their best light.
:heavy_check_mark: Effortless ‘add to cart’ and a streamlined checkout process.
:heavy_check_mark: A clear and concise dashboard for tracking created orders and viewing purchase history.
:heavy_check_mark: Recommendations for the shoppers

:computer: For the Store Owner (Admin):

:heavy_check_mark: An intuitive admin dashboard with key insights and complete sales history.
:heavy_check_mark: Efficient product management, listing, discount application and updating.
:heavy_check_mark: Tools to oversee and manage order statuses, from processing to delivery.

In essence, this template embodies the spirit of modern e-commerce, offering a harmonious blend of style and functionality, all wrapped up in a minimalistic design.

Dive deep into the future of e-commerce with Tiny. With its sleek design and advanced functionalities, it’s the perfect platform for those looking to stand out in the online retail space - check it now.

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Disclaimer:

This template is delivered “as is” and comes only with general Bubble documentation.
Development assistance, support and special documentation is not included.

:man_mechanic: Customization:

Please reach out to us at [email protected], if you need help customizing this template. We will be happy to help you customize the template or with any other development projects. We will customize and support this template on regular terms for sales of development services.

:grey_question: Questions:

If you have questions and bugs to report, contact us by email at [email protected].

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