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Editing multiple rows at once during an event

Hi there,

I am trying to update multiple rows (specifically, their date column) in one of my DB’s as a result of a user requesting to change the date of a single row.

That is, the user has a subscription date, and requesting to change that date should update all other dates so that their subscriptions align.

I came across this old topic (How to create and update multiple rows), which looked to be asking a similar question, but looks to have gone unanswered? I’ve looked into Backend Workflows, but they don’t seem to offer any functionality for multi-row updates either. The update would be easy to do in SQL:

UPDATE subscriptions_table
SET sub_date = YYYY-MM-DD
WHERE user = user;

How come this feels nearly impossible in Bubble; or am I missing something?

Make changes to a list of things.,

Hmm, not sure what I was doing before that was blocking me - you are totally right. Thank you!

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