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Element customization by users

Hi! I feel like I hit a brick wall today with something and I’d really appreciate your ideas!

So for my first project in bubble, I’m creating an app where users create lifelong goals and then create shorter-term “objectives” to achieve those goals. I actually designed this app a few years ago and in my original design, every goal was associated with it’s own special color which it and all of the objectives associated with it were highlighted with, so that at a glance you could see what goal each objective was related to. I’m completely at a loss as to how to program this—I’ve tried everything that I can think of. Even if it’s too complicated/impossible to have a user attach a color to a data type and have the program automatically use that color as part of the design, at this point I’d be happy just to know if and how is it possible for users to make decisions about element colors?

You can use an Elements’s conditional formatting statements to change background / font colours depending on a value on the User.

I’m also looking at this now, but is seems as if it’s a mighty undertaking, to add this condition to practically each and every element and workflow. Am I missing some quick way to make this happen? Or am I just missing some programming paradigm that means it’s easy for you guys and not for me??

I think it would be a big job for every element. So maybe use groups and show/hide.

Changing a whole “page” style, based on a user, at page load … would be the thing to do. Not sure it is possible,

Or I suppose some pages are relevant to some users and not to others?? And the navigation would then to be different pages??

Yes, you could redirect users to different pages based on user type.

As @NigelG has stated, this can easily be done!

check this out,

Thank you all soo much! @denverdave11 that project is a huge help, partly just because of the fact that it had 162 issues, haha. I keep trying to resolve every single issue as it comes up and I think that’s been part of why I’ve been so bogged down. Time to give this another go!