Element in a group always at the bottom

Hello everyone !

I am currently building a native app, and I would like, in one “page” of my app, represented by a group, to put a button at the bottom of the page. However, The position of the button is defined by the “margin top” Is there a way to set it to be at “margin bottom” I want the button to be at the same distance of the bottom of my group, no matter the height of said group.

Do someone has an idea of what I could do ?

Regards !

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Hey @nathan.colin53 :wave:

That can be tricky for sure. :blush:

I have seen some people add code to get this done, but for me, I just use a floating group on anything that I need to stick to the bottom. Have you tried a floating group yet?

Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the delay !

For the floating group, I did try, but I can’t use it as I have multiple groups, corresponding to pages, that are in the same bubble page, and showed with a set of conditions. As for the one page I want to show, It is, in fact, a group, and I can’t put a floating group inside an other group.