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Floating group set to bottom works, but when I convert it to a reusable element it just floats and doesn't lock to the bottom

I have a floating group that I want locked to the bottom of the page as an always up panel for navigation. The settings are in the screenshot below. It works fine on every page I have it on, but I tried to convert the floating group to a reusable element, which has all the identical settings, but whenever I apply it to any page, it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the page and instead floats several inches off the bottom even though the settings are the same. Can’t figure out what might cause it. I put it in the exact same spot that it was on the page when it was part of that page vs reusable, so there’s no white space under it in the editor. It does it on every page I apply it to.

Here’s the settings for the floating group while it’s a part of the page itself:

And here they are for the reusable group:

If I preview a page where I have it as part of that page (not a reusable element) it sticks to the bottom fine:

But when I delete that and put it as the reusable element, on this or any other page it does this:

Any suggestions? I was going to just edit every page manually but it really would be easier if this was a reusable element to save me from having to constantly update the menu options if they change on multiple pages. Thanks, happy to send any other screenshots.

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Hi @lmoreau , did you manage to solve this? I have the same issue.


Hi all, any tips on that?