Element show/hide corresponds with URL?

Hey I’m new here and have a single-page app question…

So I know that separate pages have their own URLs, but what about showing/hiding elements that correspond to a specific URL that changes the parameters of the URL on each “screen”

For context, I’m building a single page marketplace web app that I would like the ability to make mobile down the road. User flow will look like this…

User clicks on products, which shows products and hides the home screen > user clicks on product, which shows specific product screen and hides products gallery screen.

I would like to know if there’s a way that the URLs will update based on those actions so that users can effectively bookmark products and share the individual product without sharing just the base URL.

I want to do it that way because I want the navigation bars to be static, as they won’t change. I think it would be quite redundant to separate into dozens of pages, when single-page remains the best option (also for utilizing states).

Thanks in advance.

Just put conditional statements on the groups - Only when Get data from page URL is XYZ - This element is visible.

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