Element tree and reusable elements/popups - confused


I’m having trouble with something that should be very easy, I must be missing something.

I started modifying the default page built for me by Bubble, specifically, I want to add another pop up, which will contain the second part of the sign up process. So, a user will sign up with the standard sign up pop up, which will additionally contain a radio button. Based on the radio button choice, the user will be sent to another pop up which will ask for a few more pieces of information to complete the sign up process.

I’ve made the new pop-up a reusable element like the original one. I can see that the original sign up pop up is in the Reusable elements section an there is also a version of it in the Header section ‘Sign up/Login Popup A’. I understand that I need to create a version/copy of my new reusable element pop up and place so that it’s visible to the original popup? How do I do it? Right now if I try to create a workflow in the original pop up that says: when the user clicks Sign up, show the ‘Sign up 2 pop up’, the ‘Sign up 2 pop up’ doesn’t show in the list of possible elements to show in that workflow.

OK, figured it out, I somehow missed that you just need to click the reusable element and draw it on the page where you want it, to create a duplicate, I was trying to copy and paste to and from the elements tree.

no answer for this? I have the same issue…