Newbie Here: Sign-Up System Issues

Another question as I got through these initial tutorial videos. The videos want me to create a workflow where when you press the sign-up button, my pop-up shows up. However, when I try to create the workflow, the option of using my pop-up is not available. See below:

This is what the program wants me to do:

Here’s what mine shows:

Here’s the link to the video. I can’t move forward without figuring this out. How do I get my pop-up to show on this list?

Thank you!

Hey @salmon.seminary welcome to Bubble!

I suspect the login/reg form in the tutorial is a “reusable element”. These elements are self contained and (generally) cannot be accessed from outside. So, the workflow to register the user needs to be done inside the reusable element rather than on the main page.

Click on the top left to see a list of reusable elements in your page, that will take you to the edit screen for the element.

Hi @robhblake, I am editing the reusable element. Unfortunately the pop up is still not showing up.

@robhblake I see what the issue is now. I was adding the pop up in my index page and not on the reusable element itself. Thank you so much.

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