Element visibility based on current date/time


I have an element visibility set up with a conditionnal when current date/time < event’s date time = visibility true otherwise visibilty = false

I am wondering if it will work automatically or if I should reload the page when the condition is met ?

Thanks in advance

Hi there, @Newman… if I understand your post correctly, the event will not disappear automatically if the user has the page open when the condition is met. So, if you don’t expect users to be taking actions on their own that would cause the page to reload so the event conditions can be evaluated, then you should consider using a workflow to force a reload.

I think another way you could consider going is to check to see if an event is still “valid” (i.e., check to see if its date is greater than the current date/time) when a user tries to interact with the event (what ever that means in your app). So, even if an event should have disappeared from the page but it hasn’t because the user has just been sitting on the page, you could show a message if the user tries to do something with the event, and then the condition to remove the event from the page would likely take effect.

Hope this helps.


Hello @mikeloc

Thank you for your reply.
I added a WF refresh the page when condition is met just to be 100% sure

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