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Element visible on page load, question

Hello all. Super Newb here, with possible newb question

Im building a native mobile app, and ive been using @natedogg tutorials as i learn.

Im using groups instead of pages as i think thats necessary for native mobile correct? and Ive successfully got Groups A,B and C , all with different content.

Each time im done with a group, i uncheck “This element visible on page load” , and so far, the group has disappeared and allowed me to make a new group for my next “page”

but now, Group C does not disappear when i uncheck that element box. so i havent been able to start my new group D without it altering group C?

hopefully im wording my question well enough for someone to understand, cause im super new to this and struggling.

please help if you can!



Try this. Find Group C in the Element tree and click on the little eye icon to toggle the group off/on. See screenshot below.

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Hey! that worked! i dont fully understand why, but im going to roll with it for now! thank you!

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You’re welcome. The icon is there to do precisely that - toggle the group on/off so you can show a hidden group in the editor to work on it.