Elements gets pushed to left of screen and gets hidden

When I resize the page using the dragger, all elements just simply moves beyond left edge and gets lost/hidden. I know it could be a simple fix but already spend a lot of time and have no more energy left to try :frowning:

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I know responsiveness can be a pain. Check that there is no element or group on the page that is overlapping. Also, make sure each group has the correct minimum width depending on your needs. It’s hard to know for sure without seeing it.

You can view some of my responsiveness videos on my site to help give you some ideas.

I was having the same issue yesterday and it was due to a group not shrinking down to a mobile size. So everything was just squishing and getting pushed off the page.

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Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thats was very helpful. Thanks Mate!

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So glad it helped! :blush: