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Email account linked with social media

I have a free one with > 2 IdPs :confused:

Hello @neerja.

Could you guys please allow the option to auto-merge social accounts? it could be a checkbox so whoever doesn’t want the auto-merging, he could opt-out.

Again, auto-merging does not pose a security issue (because if you have managed to signin with that social account, and that account shares the same email address as a different social account, that means both social accounts are yours). And most of the people I know don’t normally remember which social account they used to login to most websites.

But also, you should let owners of the website decide what they want to do, instead of forcing them to not have auto-merging.


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Hey ya’ll just encountered this issue on my app, this is a bit of a problem as accounts are being duplicated and data is all over the place between different user accounts.

We must be able to link different social accounts under 1 email address, this is normal behavior I’ve encountered with every product I’ve personally used.

Can you please provide an update on where this stands please @Bubble? Or if it’s something we should resolve on our end?

Thank you! :pray:


Get them to sign up with one email address.

Then connect to the various social accounts “manually” without using the Bubble social signup.

Or use Auth0 to help.


We need a little more information, so can you fill the Bug Report here with reproducible steps? We’ll take a look and get back shortly.

Hi, I will just try to add some more info about my scenario which triggers the same issue:

When I manually create a user and later this user tries to log in with Google OAuth, the error “this email is already in use” is shown.

  • My app requires users to log in only via Google OAuth

  • My app requires the users to be added manually before first login.

Hope this scenario simplifies understanding.

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The app to reproduce this case would be just 2 buttons, one to log in with a social account, and the other one to log out.

  1. With one button you sign up using a social account. You press it once, you sign up with, say Google.

  2. Then you press the other button to log out.

  3. Once you are logged out, you press the login button again, and you sign up with, say Facebook.

  4. If both accounts share the same email address, the second time you sign up (in this case, with Facebook), the error “this email is already in use” is shown.


@miguel thanks for providing the additional details and context. We don’t enable that to happen by design because of security concerns.

When you sign up for some apps that provide auth tools, you’re not always sent an email to confirm your ownership of the email you used to sign up with there. For these apps, anyone can, in theory, sign up with any email address.

Therein lies the problem. If we were to do what you’re proposing, then someone could hijack a user account on your app.

FFS, I really hate it when I come across stoberness like this.
It’s clear that they DO NOT understand what we are requiring and that WE are PAYING bubble to keep the business running, we are the ones that pay their salaries…
I truly hope an alternative will rise soon, like Teleport … and then, you’ll see bubble team eager to fix issues that the paying community is asking for.
Don’t worry guys, they won’t be the only ones much longer.

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What’s this Teleport app you speak of?

Couldn’t this be avoided by requiring activation via email to verify you own the address?

1 Like they’re a startup funded with EU funds. It’s in early stages, but the project is very cool. You simply make a wireframe, by hand! not even drawn professionally, and then you take a picture of that wireframe, upload it in their app, and the app will transform it in code. It’s a looong way to be out of beta, and to really compete with bubble, but I love their idea.

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Yeah, it’s for UI folk, I don’t see how it solves the no-coding problem of complex application logic.

as I stated, it’s in beta, and it’s a start-up. Check their fb videos. They use ML to recognize the drawing and turn it in code. Nothing complex about it. Even bubble has its limitations when it comes to complex application logic. Of course we can’t compare the two of them now, but give it time.
I think this is the future, where you don’t pay a freelancer thousands of dollars for an app that you can simply draw and the code is generated automatically.

Okay, but the UI is only a small part of the problem. There’s plenty of WYSIWYG stuff out there already. Imo, that’s not Bubble’s USP; it’s the ease of creating your business logic and hosting (with a db solution). If all you’re focused on is the UI stuff, then sure, it might seem like they are a potential competitor, but they have a very long road ahead of them to compete on every other front.

Hello everyone, seems like I’m not the only one to look for a solution for a friction-less signup/login popup using user’s social network identities.

I’m looking for the best step-by-step tutorial or free plugin or template that describe how to let our users signup and login using their social accounts: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple. Ideally I’d like to reuse their picture profiles and links to their social networks automatically to fill in their profile page in my app.

I don’t know if/how you solved the challenge of merging or linking accounts when users choose a different way to login but it seems to be it’s a critical use case that will happen often.

Thank you so much for your help. I am getting close to unveil my app to my first users and I need this friction-less signup popup.


That’s a real bubble problem that still remains unsolved. @clara.parenthou12 take a look

Hi @DavidS @emmanuel and @bubble ,

I have read all the documentation around for the sign in and log in with social media. And I totally understand the fact that you need to protect the user connection. And that you cannot link the account if the user did not connect by a way he already used. But there is still some user cases that are creating so much friction. Furthermore Apple refused my application just because of this problematic that I cannot well answer.
I will detail the user cases :

The fact is when a user has logged in with email for the first time. And he wants to log the second time with a social media, he cannot do it easily. First he has to connect again with his email. And then we can offer him the opportunity to link with his social media account.

So finally we need to ask him twice to connect his social account to link it to his email.

Moreover, in real life the problem is more complex. Most of the times, the user do not know how he connected the first time. For example I have 3 social login/sign in (Facebook/Apple/Google) + the classic way. So when the user tries to reconnect on another platform, it is only said, this email is already used. But he cannot know easily which way he connected the first time. So he needs to try the four ways of connection. The easiest way, I have noticed is to ask him to reinitialize his password, because whatever way he chose the first time, it will work. But you will admit this is not a good practice at all.

Furthermore, we cannot ask at you first connection to connect all your social media once you are logged in.

I do understand, that we cannot log someone in, in this way if he has not already connected this social media. But at least we need to give him an easy way to connect again as showing him its first way of connection. And once he has logged in again, to connect directly his account to the social media without asking him again because he is now logged in.

Now it is not possible to do it, because I cannot have any access to the Used_Email in the Workflow. And furthermore for the Apple Sign In, I have no way to say that he has already connected to Apple.

We are many users blocked by this issue which is killer.


I know this doesn’t solve the underlying problem, but in my app, I send an email at sign up to the user letting them know of how they signed up (something like “Thank you for signing up for our app with Google”) and that way they have a record.


Thank you @deadpoetnsp for this good practice !
For the moment I put reset the password just after :slight_smile: Waiting for Bubble before adding new tips

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