Problem with social link/login


I have set up a login page where users can log with their social login and I also offer the possibility on their profile page to link to other social accounts. But when a user registers with email address X and tries to link his account to his GitHub/Google/Discord… account, which has the same email address X, he gets this message “We cannot link your account to this email because there is already an account for this email”.

How can we link different social account with the same email address ?

I’m guessing that’s the Bubble error since Bubble won’t create a duplicate account.

I used to use Google and Linked In on my site and if they would connect another social account, I would just authenticate and link the new social account to the Current User instead of creating an account only when the social media email address was the same as ‘current user’ email address.

@lindsay_knowcode has a couple good social plugins that you can use to sign-in/create.

I ultimately got rid of social sign-in/auth as too many users would forget how they signed up and they’d create multiple accounts. And then you have those weirdos that use who end up having 5 or 6 accounts, or people who use a work email for linked in and different personal emails for other social media site. total headache.

I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and went to magic link/passcode only.

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Thank you for your reply.

I agree with you about using the social login, but I need it to get some information about the user. And I’m not trying to create another account, I just want to link the social account to the actual account, with the same email address.

Here is my workflow :
Capture d’écran 2023-11-14 à 10.02.18
Capture d’écran 2023-11-14 à 10.03.07

If you step through the workflow, I assume it’s never getting past step 1 as that’s when bubble will throw the ‘email address in use’ error.

Maybe you need a condition for step 1 to only do the action if Current User is not logged in.

I don’t remember having this problem with the login/signin action. I had a seperate ‘create account for someone else’ step after that and then used conditions to either create if that email wasn’t already set for a user, or I’d update the social media unique id and grab whatever details.

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