[Resolved] Social Media OAuth As Email Validator, Regardless of Initial OAuth

Right now, from what I can tell, social media OAuth logins only work if the user originally signed up with that specific OAuth.

Example: User signs up with Facebook, then later visits the Bubble App again and has forgotten if she used a password or authenticated with Facebook or authenticated with Google. User clicks the “Continue with Google” button and gets the pop-up telling her that an account with her email address is already there, is thrown back to the signup page.

As it stands, Bubble App designers have these options:

  1. Implement ONLY ONE social media OAuth, unless they want users to encounter a (quite useless) pop-up.

  2. Use multiple social media OAuths (to give people options), but expect users to remember which social media authentication they originally used, or expect users to not get annoyed about multiple failed login attempts.

So my question is: Is there any way to use the social media OAuths as an email validator, regardless of whether the user’s initial sign-up OAuth was with Facebook or Google, etc. ? Perhaps this is an innate limitation of the OAuths that Bubble cannot address. Just curious!


So I’m not sure I’m entirely getting the question, but 2 things:

  1. while we don’t merge accounts if a user tries to login with Google after he used Facebook and the emails are the same, we allow this if he does after being logged in. So you can link accounts that way.
  2. the way we get emails for users is as follow. We first check of the use me has a hard coded email (through traditional sign up), then we go through the different oauth providers you added to your app (plugins) and check if there is an email.

Let me know if that doesn’t help.

Yeah, apologies if unclear. I was basically asking if the accounts could be merged. I’d even settle for a lesser scenario where the user you’ve described in scenario (1) is taken to Facebook after attempting to login with Google. Or even a lesser scenario where, after the check you’ve described in (2), the user can be told which method they initially used, so they can get some helpful guidance on what to do next.

Anyway, I understand more what the possibilities are. Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll mark as answered…

im still having problems with this as well. If a user signs up with facebook and then later with google it makes two separate accounts with the same email. how to i make it merge these accounts upon login/signup?

I think what Emmanuel is telling us is that merging is impossible, unless your user syncs with the second social media account when he/she is already logged in. :cry: I kind of expected this – even Bubble itself created a different account when I signed up/logged in with Google (I had forgotten that I initially signed up with email/psw).

I’ve since gone into my account settings (logged in with email/psw) and linked my Google Account. But I just checked, even now when I log into Bubble via Google it takes me to a new, empty account, not my actual account. (@emmanuel this looks like a bug?). Maybe your issue and this are somehow related.

Even so, it’s weird that your App would create 2 accounts – when I tested mine (I tested both Google Signup/FB login and FB Signup/Google login) Bubble picked up on an account having already been created with one email, and didn’t let me login with the 2nd social media account.

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So we fixed a bug on Friday that was duplicating accounts, does it still happen to you? I tried for me and it didn’t do this.

Generally speaking, we touched that code this week, so if you can test again it’d be great.

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If not sure if you’re asking about Bubble itself (and not apps built on Bubble) – in terms of Bubble, I still have two separate accounts – (1) username/psw (which houses my apps), and (2) is Google-authenticated (empty). I only really want #1. Any attempts to link my Google account to Account 1 merely logs me into the Account 2 (Google-authenticated). Now that you say you’ve fixed the bug I could go ahead and delete the Google one and try again but I’m paranoid about accidentally deleting my actual account in the process … so I’ll just live with only using username/psw.

Anyway, this is not really a big deal, unless it has implications for how OAuth works (or doesn’t work) on our apps…

Should for all apps, but if an account was created previously, it’s still there. I just deleted it though, so now you should be able to link the accounts.

okay, thanks!

@emmanuel - just to clarify, if a user signs up with Facebook and then later signs up with an email address, assuming that these two email addresses are the same, they will still have separate access to the data (generated by activities in the app) for both Facebook and email logins, correct? I mean all the data from the Facebook login’s activity will not be accessible from the email login, right? So, even though they can login with both accounts (which are linked to the same email address) the data is separate, correct?

As a secondary question, is there any way currently supported in Bubble to be able to link a email login account to Facebook, Twitter, etc.? The usecase would be a user logs in with email, links their social account, and then posts to their social network, etc.

Thanks for the help.

@emmanuel So if you have a hard coded email already and then user wants to sign up/login with facebook, google, twitter, etc with same email.

How would you handle this?

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event today there is no clear instructions on this old topic, and forum is flooded with same question.
there should be a better explanation and instructions of things which even bubble founders discovered later, i mean bubble is supposed to be a no code platform.