"email IS NOT" constraint - (stupid newbee question ...)


sorry for this super dumb question, but I can’t figure out how to search for all users by email addresses which are NOT the current user’s email address.

In my little newbee brain an “IS NOT” condition parameter might do the trick. But this is not available as “email” always comes with an “=” parameter.

What do I overlook here?


user filtered > advanced


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Wow. Thank you!
I’ve never encountered this advanced filter before. Seems to be a mighty tool though.

Ya, it always seems to fix a problem you might have :laughing:

Advanced filtering is a really powerful feature in Bubble, but it should be avoided when possible. This is especially true for moderate to large data sets as it can drag performance because advanced filtering operations are done client-side. Sometimes it’s necessary but this is definitely helpful advice before you start relying on it!


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Hm. Thanks for this advice.

Maybe it might be helpful if an “inverse” checkbox would be placed inside the conditions list boxes. This would inverse any operator in the constraint box next to it.