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Email sender address

Posting here in case this is a common error.

So I’ve set-up the app to send an email. I would like the outgoing email to come from the user (current user’s email) or atleast from my domain email. I’ve changed the reply to email.

I’m still getting the email from the bubble domain.

Is this occurring in the development or live environment?

In live

Can confirm; I believe I’m having the same issue. Sending an email confirmation uses the domain as the sender.

It will be your own domain as soon as your app is on this domain.

The app is set to my own domain already

How does Bubble accomplish this if we haven’t pointed our MX records towards Bubble (which I assume most users of your custom domain feature haven’t actually done)?

We do this through the ‘TXT’ records and Amazon SES

I see. So how do we fix the issue? :frowning:

What is the sender address now? It can’t be the current user’s email, but it should be the email that you defined in Settings -> General. What is the domain of the app?

The issue seems to be that the DNS settings aren’t correct with the domain name manager. In particular, the TXT records. You should check/fix this and try again.

I have “send a note” buttons throughout my app that allow users to send an email to other users of the app. My intention is to allow folks to send a message to other employee email addresses that can be replied to and sent to their email address. I have the sender = current user’s email address and that shows up in the sender name but I can’t figure out how to allow responding directly to the sender’s email address. Is this possible?

Also wondering if this is possible. Did you figure it out?