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[SOLVED] App domain email

Can someone explain how to set everything to be able to use custom domain app emails?

‘A’ records set - “You’re all set” in Settings>Domain&Email (There were only A records suggestion in Bubble)
‘MX’ record set properly and it points to my mailbox on external server.

At Settings>Domain&Email
Email is set to [email protected]

Do I need SendGrid key or TXT records update?
As for now once I press SendGrid Key Test it says it is connected even with no key at all, and it sends test email with sender set properly to [email protected]
From workflow it sends an email with Bubble’s domain.
If I use SendGrid ApiKey with full access granted App doesn’t send anything.

Do I need some advanced whitelabelling in SendGrid or any different settings?
It should be all easy to deploy and it isn’t…

I revieved once again all keys and settings. Didn’t find any mistake but newer deployment to live just magically fixed everything.