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Hi There, I am new to bubble. Can someone please advise me if I can create a website app like wisestamp by using bubble?

I will really appreciate your assistance as I have been looking for a program to create webapp without coding. If not, can you please suggest me any other platform?

Kind Regards,


Hi @ashu.lamba2,

This could probably be achieved. What stage did you need help on?

looks like an advert

Hi Buddy, Thanks for responding. I am still exploring options. My concern is how can I create a preview section next to input fields?

Hi Buddy, It is not an advert. I do not work for wisestamp. I am trying to create something similar on my own. I am not a developer so I am struggling to get my head around. I tried weebly and wix but they seem to be more of just drag and drop platforms. They can not help create logical websites.


@ashu.lamba2 I would just put a text box as the preview. If the user wants to “purchase” what they’ve created, I would make the “purchase” button create a new item in the database, take them to the pay area, then display the final at checkout.

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