Email verification taking too long to register

I am facing a bizarre issue with email verification.

The classic flow:

User Signs up > User verifies email address > User is brought to the email verification page

What I want:

User Signs up > User verifies email address > User is brought to their profile page

On my profile page, I have a popup that is conditionally set to show if the current user’s email is not verified (verified is “no”). This is so that if a user navigates to the profile page in the UI they will be reminded to verify their email OR change their email. I do not want to create a separate verify page with a redirect to the profile page, in fact, I would really hate to do that.

The issue:

When the user arrives to the profile page from their verification email, sometimes the “verify your email” popup appears because of a delay in registering the verification. This forces the user to refresh their page a couple times before it goes away …

Does anyone know a way around this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you use Bubble email verification? If yes, this plugin isn’t working anymore (Sept2022).
I didn’t found a replacement yet.

I’m not talking about a plug-in, I’m talking about the verification email that gets sent out when you sign a user up using the default bubble function.

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