Bubble E-mail validation - pretty confused


I’m pretty confused with how e-mail validation is handled by Bubble.

  1. The sign-up workflow automatically sign-in the user after sign-up. Why ? If i enable e-mail verification i don’t want my user to be able to log-in before his e-mail is verified.

  2. My current sign-up workflow is : sign-in the user, then log-out the user and the verification e-mail is sent. But what if the user don’t recieve or find the e-mail ? He can’t ask for another verification e-mail as he needs to be loged in to do it.

Pretty confused. I don’t know how can i handle that correctly with bubble.
When my user sign-up, i don’t want it to log-in before his e-mail is verified. But i want the user to be able to ask for another e-mail…

What’s the best solution ?

Thanks. Théo.

Why you don’t want the user to login?
I think you should just review how you consider this. The problem is not that the user is logged in, but not verified. When user log in to your app, add a step that check if the user logged in email is verified. If not, redirect him to a page where he can ask for a new verification email. Add this to each page too (Current user email is not verified). This will prevent user to access to page.


Agree with Jici. Add in a step that checks they’re verified instead.

Alternatively, if verification isn’t imperative to the use of your app, a simple flag by way of a UI element at the top of the screen notifying them that they need to verify their email. Don’t be too obtrusive, but use as an alternative to locking people out.