Embed a payment button in bubble.io page

I need to inject a div tag and a custom JS script to be able to show a payment button in a bubble.io page. I tried adding the script in settings > seo/metatags. But the button is not showing when previewing the website. Can anyone help in guiding me on where to add the JS script tag?

Are you using an HTML element for the code?

Basically, I need to paste this code somewhere in my bubble.io page so that this zoho payment button shows. Where can i paste this? I’m on a free plan btw. Does free plan allow adding code like this?

  <div id="zf-widget-root-id"></div>
  <script type="text/javascript" src='https://js.zohostatic.com/books/zfwidgets/assets/js/zf-widget.js'></script>
    var buttonOptions = {
      id: 'zf-widget-root-id',
      template: 'button_1',
      product_id: '2-3aaf464f893a450bba3e61600fc004785072b4878c3aa46f58d399b0043bd6727b939086d883fb32dcd6c241ff4b3036095681d50e4f957de8f94ecca8061732',
      plan_code: 'EXCLUSIVE_ENROLL',
      addons: [

      theme: {
        color: '#7952b3'
      button_text: 'Subscribe',
      product_url: 'https://subscriptions.zoho.in'
    ZFWidget.init('zf-subscribe-button', buttonOptions);

@ tejas
Any luck? - I have similar need with a different payment processor. Please let me know if you managed to accomplish

M y code is like this below

<button id="srp-button1">Paynow</button>
<script src="https://checkout.Mypay.com/v1/checkout.js"></script>
var options = {
"key": "YOUR_KEY_ID"
"amount": "100", 
"currency": "USD",
"name": "ZUECorp",
"description": "Test Transaction",
"image": "https://platform.com/platform_logo",
"order_id": "ORD_323824834793284", 
"account_id": "account_15676465",
"handler": function (response){
var myp1 = new mypay(options);
document.getElementById('myp-button1').onclick = function(e){
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