Adding a payment popup with html

Hello, Im trying to to add shoppy’s .html integration for payment gateways within my app. When adding the main <button HTML, it works and shows the button, but when adding as a HTML as well which is suppose to show a popup with info and payment options, it only shows a popup with a X in the corner when in theory it is suppose to show a popup with a box in the middle. This works fine on my hosted site, but on bubble i’m having trouble adding this. Any help on successfully adding into my bubble app would be appreciated.


You might need to open the browser dev console and do a bit of sleuthing. In Chrome, this is under ViewDeveloperDeveloper Tools.

Let us know if you see any errors in the console.

I get this @sudsy
when i press the HTML button which should show the popup, but only shows the grayed our area and a X to close

This is what I have done for the html element

I have also done one without the script and as its own element, but still no luck

@sudsy I got it to work. It was a conflicting issue with OneSignal plugin. After removal, it works fine. Thanks for the help!!

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