Embed Google Maps GDPR compliant

Hi! :slight_smile:
I have a website, where companies can list their courses. They have a dashboard, where they can add their courses including the address of the course. I have a “course detail” page, where the data of a selected course will be shown and I would like to display the address of the course with Google Maps:

I would like to know, if there is a way to embed it GDPR compliant. So that Google Maps should only load, when the cookies are accepted.

I’m using “cookie-script” as a cookie banner solution and I have found a tutorial (for Webflow), where someone explains how you cold load Google Maps only, when the cookies are accepted. He was using a custom code to make it GDPR compliant:

My questions would be the following:

  • Does someone has an idea on how to add custom code to the Maps element in bubble?
  • Is it possible to use an iframe instead of the maps element and display the different addresses of the courses on the course detail page each time dynamically?

I would appreciate your help and would be grateful for any new ideas! :slight_smile:

Strictly necessary cookies or essential cookies are exempt from cookie consent. You can make a case that google maps is essential for the website to function. Make sure to clearly outline that in your cookie banner and privacy policy.