Iubenda embed/cookie policy popup

Hey Bubblers,

I’ve generated my Cookie Policy through iubenda.
Iubenda has a solution where you can embed the Javascript and it will popup the notification to users and track consent. They seem to have plugins for WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop and Magento but nothing for bubble.
Done anyone know of a solution (plugin?) to this problem, in order to be GDPR compliant?


You can paste the consent banner javascript code under settings > SEO/meta tags > script in header.

Perfect, thanks for the solution.


Quick question : does the iubenda cookie banner block our cookies or do we need to add additional Javascript (callback?) to ensure the cookies are blocked if the users don’t provide their consent?

Many thanks!

iuebenda blocks the script/cookies before they are even loaded, as required in the EU and UK.

…if you set it up to do this. They have a tool to check what is being loaded.

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Super ! Thank for your feedback @NigelG

I bought a lifetime code for iubenda via AppSumo (49$ for 5 licences). I’m gonna set my policies and cookies solution !

I have that too. It is great value and I use it for everything.

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