Embed Bubble in another Website

Hi! I’m trying to embed my Bubble website in another site. The page I’m trying to embed loads normally when opened in its own web browser window, but once I put it in an iFrame, I get an error and the page can’t load.

Are there any specific settings that I have to enable in my Bubble app in order for it to work when embedded in another site?


Hi Sean,

Not sure where you are embedding this and there could be issues on that side, but if you haven’t found this setting in Bubble it might be the fix to your issue:

Try flipping that over to allow all iFrames and see if it helps?



Amazing! That was exactly it. I’m trying to display white-labeled Airtable records in Webflow pages without using their CMS. Curious to see if Bubble does the job visually, but functionally it’s great!

Thanks so much!

@ray4 Great to hear. Best of luck getting everything hooked up.

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