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Embedding a Repeating Group on Another Repeating Group

Hello All,

So I am trying to figure out how it would work to embed a repeating group on top of another repeating group. What would be an example use case for this and how would it actually be set up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Bradluffy do you want to embed the repeating group on top or within another repeating group?

Have a look at this example of an embedded repeating group -

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On top of a repeating group but what if I may ask would be use cases for both routes?

Note exactly sure what would be achieved by putting the group ‘on top’, but I have used a repeating group within another. In a custom CRM I made i have one rep. group listing “Leads” and then I have another repeating group within it so I can see the notes on the Lead. I use a Toggle switch to show and hide these notes so they do not clutter the list if there are a lot of notes. Here is a screenshot of it


@Bradluffy. As per @gf_wolfer’s reply and then I have also used it to do a reference manual, Bill Of Materials, etc.

Hope this helps.

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FYI, here’s an example that I’m using in my app:

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Well that gives me some stuff to think about. Awesome stuff. Now to make it work well:)