Repeating group containing repeating group

I am building a mobile application that allows you post a group. Each group posted has its own database within that others can contribute to. Currently i have it set up so people can post a group, but i am not sure how to make each posted group contain its own sub repeating group.

Each post when clicked upon has its own set of post within it.

any ideas?

Hi @jaminben84 - this thread may help you. You’ll want to make sure your data structure is setup correctly to support nested RG’s.

Thanks for the response. However, i am still having trouble setting up so that each post has its own list of post. So far i have been able to make a group. But once i click on the group, i want it to show the “Groupdata” which is a list of post’s specific to that group. i attached a link.

I tried what the forum said to do, but it hasn’t been working. I’m not sure what Im doing wrong.

Hi @jaminben84 - this link is for the app’s Preview. Can you provide the link to editor? Thanks!

Hi @jaminben84 - looking at your data structure, you have three different groups

And Group has GroupData in it.

And you have three RG’s (one for each of the Data Types). But none of them are nested (ie Group and GroupData.)

You’ll need to go in the Editor and in Homepage’s Group RP, put GroupData RP inside of it. You’ll need to set up the appropriate search criteria too.

Hope this helps and makes some sense.

Do you mind being more specific about putting the groupdata’s repeating group inside the homepage’s group RP? do i make the groupdata RP within the homepages group? Or do i alter the source and data source of the homepages RP?

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