Empty Dropdown Selection


I have been trying to remove the empty drop-down selection with no luck. I only have two selections on my drop-down list, but on preview, there is an extra empty entry. I nee d help to remove the empty entry.

Dropdown issue


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Check this box:



What right in my face :rofl: , thank’s a lot @eli, problem solved :+1:

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Well now. I literally learn something new every day. I wasn’t aware of this. But what if the field is optional and you still don’t want an empty choice to choose from?

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Hi @gnelson

Please see the screenshot below of how the options show when the “This Input should not be empty” field and compare with the original post above. The empty option disappears once you have ticked/checked the box as per @eli reply.

I hope I understand and have answered your question to your satisfaction.