Removing an empty option from my dropdown input

Dropdown input for toppings selection in a food ordering app.

I am building a food ordering app. I have a dropdown for selecting a topping and when an option is selected $1 is added to the product’s total price. I am using a dynamic option set for this.

This dropdown should be optional. But when i do not select the “this input should not be empty” Button, an empty option appears on my option list.
dropdown with empty space

However, when i select the “this input should not be empty button” This empty field disappears but then my dropdown is not optional anymore.
dropdown without empty space

How can I make a dropdown that is optional without having this empty space in my option list? Is this possible with bubble’s dropdown input?

Just use the “No” as the initial value and keep the “this input should not be empty” checked.

Thank you, this works!

Good! Pls mark the answer as the thread ‘solution’ on the forum.

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