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Enable/disable input element as action of event?

When the users clicks an element, I want to enable or disable another element. I see how to show/hide, but is there a way to enable/disable?

You can set a custom state on the action and then use conditions to disable based on that state.

thanks NigelG. Can I do the inverse? Have it disabled on page load and then enable upon some action?

Of course. You can set it as defaulting to disabled then enable on button press.

Hi NigelG. Still can’t get this working. I have edit control that is disabled. Then I add a conditional to it - when button is pressed, turn off disabled state.

To do it off a button click, you’ll need to set a custom state in workflow. The “button pressed” is only for the moment of pressing. It doesn’t equate to clicking a button and triggering an action. To see what I mean, have the button change colors on the button press condition. You’ll see that when you unpress, it reverts back.

So you want to go into workflow and how I’d do it is set a custom yes/no state on the button. When that button is clicked and the current state is no, set it to yes (meaning it’s clicked)… Then you can set your element condition on the input: when button’s custom state is yes, enable. Do the reverse for disabling… When button is clicked and custom state is yes, set it to no. The input, based on its load state and the condition its now not meeting, will disable.


Thank you. That worked!