If button is clicked, input box become “undisabled”

I set input field disable so user just check what is input in info like ‘name’
user are trying to edit information in an input field like name change
How can I set When button is clicked, inputs become “undisabled”
To create multiple input fields and set them to be editable one by one, I am trying to edit and save only one input field. So when I click the button, I want to change disable to editable state.

like this example

plz help me guys

Hi there, @el11… one way you can do what you described is to use a custom state. Create a custom state somewhere, and put a conditional on the input that says when the custom state is set to a particular value, the input is not disabled. Then, when the button is clicked, set the custom state to the value that corresponds with the input not being disabled, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Edit: for reference, here is a quick example. I put a custom state called input name enabled (yes/no) at the page level on the index page. Here is the conditional on the input element for the name.

Here is the workflow that runs when the Edit Name button is clicked.

I love u!!!
I’ll try the method you told me.

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