Encrypt data with AES

I’ve Installed the plugin “AES256” to encrypt data, for a few days it works perfectly works, but now it doesn’t works anymore, the data doesn’t encrypt. Could someone help me to make it works this plugin?

Hey @quidsicurezza That’s odd. :thinking:

Which plugin are you using?

The Plugin is AES256

Have you checked the logs to see if there are any errors? Hmm :thinking:

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This is the log, IDK if it is a problem

Does button A have a workflow? :thinking:


Hmm :thinking:

Have you tried running the debugger and step-by-step to see if there are errors on the page?

As you could see, the text that should be encrypted remain the same

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Oh. I get it now. You actually need a step after that one to save the value. Or just switch the order of the steps. Does that make sense? Sorry I didn’t catch this sooner. :blush:

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I’ve just tried, but the text doesn’t encrypt as you could see :cry:

You need to reference result of step 1 and not the input. :blush:

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But in this case the encryption step must be the second one

Why is that the case? :man_shrugging:

If you reference the input into your step 2, you are referencing the value before it is encrypted. Does that make sense?

So in this case, the encryption step must be the second one, if I want to reference to the step 1, and I’ve just tried this, and it doens’t works, Could you tell me step by step the WF you mean?

Here is how you would do it:

Editor: testApp42wCleanDB | Bubble Editor

Preview: https://testapp42wcleandb.bubbleapps.io/version-test/encryption?debug_mode=true

Does that help? :blush:

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I think that the solution lies in the fact that the text that is first encrypted and then decrypted must be contained in a custom state

You can do it in a database thing too. I was just trying to not use a database record for the example. It works the same way as long as you have the order the same. Glad that helped. :blush:

Could you tell me how to encrypt a database entry?

Ok. I will change the example for you. I will do that when I get back to my computer. :blush:

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