Encrypting Data with Plugin


I’m building a web app now and we wanted to integrate our own simple direct messaging system directly into Bubble (it has four fields: To [User], From [User], Subject [Text], and Message [Text]).

We were using this plugin (https://bubble.io/plugin/encrypt--decrypt-text-1577149812659x206728018323832830) to encrypt simple strings of data. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to get the plugin to decrypt the data when it needs to be displayed.

The plugin has two actions that (as far as I can tell) can only be executed from workflows: encrypt and decrypt.

When we create a message, we have no problem encrypting it (on the “Send” button is clicked action, we simply execute the “Encrypt” action in the workflow first, then use the “Create a new thing” data option to create the message, using the encrypted string from the first step).

The problem I’m having is: how do I decrypt the data to display it? Messages will be viewable in an email-inbox-style repeating group. If the only way to decrypt data is via a workflow, how can I decrypt the data in a workflow on a by-cell basis and then set that decrypted value back onto the corresponding text element in each cell for the Message [text] data field?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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