Encrypt database

Does anyone know if there is a tutorial or video on how to encrypt user data. I know passwords are already encrypted and non recoverable rightly so, but is there a way data (eg. personal user data) can be encrypted in the database but the user can still view or edit it through the UI on Frontend.

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Are you speaking of the data privacy settings? Or adding extra security?

This is already handled by Bubble. All data are encrypted, not just the password.

Sorry, I’ll explain:
When I go to application data I can see the data for every user. How can i encrypt this data so that I can not see it or anyone else who has access to the database.

In effect this would only allow registered users to look at the data from the app UI after Login. Does that make sense?



You can encode it using different way (and some plugins may help). You will need to decode it to display too in front end. This mean that you cannot use autobinding and only use workflows

Thanks for the response @Jici. And do you know How I actually do this? I have no development experience.

Thank you

I suggest you to have a look at this first: https://bubble.io/plugin/encodedecodeencryptdecrypt-1514075690144x615543585510522900

Well… hate to be the one to pop the balloon, but please take a look at this before deciding to go that way:


Not exactly the same case.
I believe that the initial request here is to avoid backend user to be able to read data from the App Data tab. I think this can be achieved this way. The real security is handled by Bubble.

BUT… I’m thinking that… Bubble have a feature: Log in as user… So if the backend user click on it… he will be able to view data in the frontend using this way anyway…

You can split your encryption key between Bubble and some other nanoservice. I use Webtask but they no longer accept new users.

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Its no problem for the backend user to see his own user information in the front ui, as long as he’s logged in with his credentials.

I’m basically trying to put user privacy content as one, if not the most important features of the app. This means no one except users who sign up can see their own data. I or any other employee building the app should not be able to see any private user data held in the app, whether its in the database or anywhere else.

This is the statement on the app that I am trying to achieve:

Securing Your Data at Rest
Within our systems, all your data is stored using AES-256 encryption.

Our strict internal procedures prevents any employee or administrator from gaining access to your account or data as it is encrypted.

Can I achieve this in bubble, storing all data using AES-256 encryption?

Thank you

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So… Encrypt externally and store on bubble or store on some other database.


Thanks NigelG.
Any direction, tutorial, documentation on how I can do that, store it encrypted on another database? How can I retrieve it to display it on the UI for each user that logs in. I have no idea where to start. Do I choose amazon or google or something else for my database how do I set it up as an encrypted database. I pretty much need help with everything.


Following. This will be great if bubble database has this option not just for the password but also other fields


The field would be an API call to the decryption service, rather than the field itself.

The decryption service would hold the key.

You could use this as the basis.

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Although it seems a little complex, thanks @NigelG . I’m not a developer so I will try my best.

I also saw this,

I don’t know if I can do anything with it. Does this do the same thing? Anyone tried it?

The issue with that (and it is a much simpler solution) is that you will have the encryption key in your Bubble app.

If you are OK with that, then go for it.

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I understand from your message that the encryption key should be somewhere else for better security, right?

If you are just trying to stop someone casually seeing the data, then that would be fine.

In that case you don’t even need to encrypt it that much.

But if you are trying to protect the data from someone who has data view access - then they can simply decrypt as the key will be in the plugins.

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@NigelG Maybe I’m wrong, but that wouldn’t happen if you running a server-side plugin.