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Can I encrypt user data on the database?

My app stores sensitive user data.
I set up permissions, so only the data creator can view each “thing”.
However, I can still see everyone’s data from the bubble interface.

How do I store user data on the database so that even I cannot see it?

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Have you got an example of what you have created. This type of thing is usually done by user access.

Raymond - user access is working fine on my app.
The problem is that I (the app creator) can see everyone data in the database using the bubble design interface.
My users don’t want me to be able to see their data so it needs to be encrypted.

Currently the app owner (you) can see everything, by design. We may change that at some point for security reasons (and users on an enterprise plan), but no definite plan there yet.

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Thanks for the clear reply Emmanuel.

For my users, data security and data privacy is simply the #1 top requirement for any app.
Non of my users/ customers will ever agree to use a bubble app if I can see all their private data.

I love Bubble, just trying to give some honest feedback.

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We can talk about an enterprise plan for you then. Reach out to us to talk about it.

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Is this available yet on the enterprise plan?

All data is encrypted at rest now for everyone

I don’t understand, what does “at rest” means ? I can still see my users personal informations.
Do you mean that the data is encrypted on the server ? If so, where can we find the information about the encryption (users might want to know about it) ?

EDIT: Blah! I was too fast to reply before reading the whole thread sorry :stuck_out_tongue: …its still something we want tho!

@emmanuel That is great, but there is concerns on insight to user data from either developers or even bubble themselves ( although we bubblers trust you guys :slight_smile: )

Have you been concidering, hiding the data from developers etc. or is this something you are planning to implement?

Down the line we’ll probably introduced roles on the editor side, but we don’t have definite plans there yet.

Hi @emmanuel

Any news on this or if its on the roadmap soon?


What a crappy dev, no one will want to use bubble apps when they know the devs can see all their data smh

Ugh! This is a non-start for me. I need to be able to encrypt a Users data so that I am unable to see the information, just as others have described. Glad I caught this before committing another 12 hours in app development.

Is this an option for enterprise plans, or the earlier messages to contact Bubble for the Enterprise plan is to say no, it does not exist?

Thanks in advance for a timely reply.

Is this a viable option from Zeroqode?
Base64, Hash & HMAC Encryptor - New plugin from Zeroqode