Entrepreneurial Bubblers Wanted For Founding Team x


Are you an experienced and entrepreneurial bubbler looking for your next project?
Are you interested in the proptech space?
Would you love to be part of launching a start up if you found an idea you believed in?

If so, I am looking to put a very small team together to build a prototype for a proptech start up. I have already pulled together a Figma sketch of the UI and will be looking to build a workable prototype as the next stage for testing with users. Ideal team members will be experienced and entrepreneurial bubblers who are looking to join a tight knit team as part of a longer term journey to launch an idea they believe in.

I am looking for team members to fill two main roles

  1. Experienced back end bubble developer with the ability to substitute with coding and plugins where necessary
  2. Experienced bubble front end designer/developer to build and improve on user interface

I am currently in discussions with a couple of venture capital firms, some of whom are advising. This will be a non-paid project with the potential for co-founder status at pre-seed raise. I will fund all development and bubble expenses up until pre-seed raise.

If you are interested in learning more please drop me a message.

I’ve done a lot of work on Bubble and have worked with multiple startups for software development. Honestly there’s a lot to discuss on this topic and I think it would be best discussed over a call.
If you’re ready, please use this link to schedule a call on my calendar at your convenience -

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.