Erro Backend Workflows

Hello, my Backend Workflows stopped working and I haven’t made any recent changes.

I have actions to schedule notifications, generate invoices, send emails.
Stopped working

I would like to know if you are having problems and what can be done to resolve them urgently.

Are you getting any errors or anything?

Hi there, @contato49… any time this topic comes up (which seems to be more frequently these days), the first thing to do is to check to see if your scheduler is paused. So, head to the Logs >> Scheduler tab, make sure you are looking at the correct environment (that is, live vs. development), and if you see a button that says Resume tasks, that means your scheduler is paused, and you need to click that button to start it again.


There are no errors, simply what was working is no longer working.

I’ve already done email sending tests and others and it doesn’t work

Backend Workflows not working and not showing any errors

Did you check what I mentioned? Share a screenshot of your Scheduler tab.

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Your screenshot isn’t uploading… just insert it into a reply here.

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Passei para o suport

Okay, but support is going to tell you to check to see if your scheduler is paused, just like I said 3 hours ago. Best of luck!

I already changed the scheduler

I’ll test it now

thank you very much

I have no idea what you mean… was your scheduler paused? It’s a super simple question, and if the answer is yes, that was almost certainly the issue.



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